After our discussion of the ethics of photo manipulation and specifically the ease of doing it now on computer, what impact would that technology have had on your artist?  

I believe technology would have had the potential to greatly impact Gordon Parks's photography.  Gordon Parks's photography mainly focused on humanitarian issues like segregation, racism, workers rights, and poverty.  He did do a little work in the fashion industry however.  Because of the message his photography was trying to capture, it is very unlikely that much technology would be wanted to edit his photos but there is always a big possibility that someone would edit his photos to portray a completely different message from the original one he was trying to show.  This happens to many influential photos in this time and age.  I think technology would have greatly enhanced Gordon Parks's fashion photography because he would have the ability to edit his photos like what is done to fashion images now.  I highly doubt that he would want to edit them so extensively though.  

Do you think they would have used it to get there meanings across better?  

Gordon Parks did not need technology to get his photography's point across because what he was photographing was already more extreme than what most people thought the issues he was photographing were.  He may have used technology to enhance his fashion photography a bit but not to the extreme that images are edited now.  He seemed to be a kind of person that liked to keeps his images natural in order for them to show a true meaning and not a fabricated one.  

Is their importance as an American artist directly dependent on our assumption that they did not manipulate their photos? 

Gordon Parks's photography is known for the issues and messages it captures during the human rights movement time period.  Because of this, I do think that he is such a known photographer because people know that his images are true and not fabricated with a program like photoshop.  It is more likely that a person is going to be effected by an image that seems unfathomable to them even though it isn't edited compared to an image that they know was altered.  Gordon's photography is eye-catching and shocking and knowing that the images he took are completely, 100% true makes there value even more apparent.

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